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 A very lovely conversation

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PostSubject: A very lovely conversation   Tue Nov 02, 2010 1:56 pm

This right here is a very nice quiet conversation between a mod on 7s and JD2020 the comunity manager for treyarch!!!

jd2020j 10:26 am
Are you L1VE from Se7enSins?

ALLthawayL1VE 10:33 am
I leaked the beta online for jtags
Thank you

ALLthawayL1VE 10:35 am
Hello Mr JD
ALLthawayL1VE 10:37 am
Did you want to talk to computer healer or ungodly?

ALLthawayL1VE 10:40 am
im Dirty Souuth on xbox as well
sent you a message

ALLthawayL1VE 10:56 am
Ok well since your not responding I will have my buddy start the upload on the iso from the retail copy.

ALLthawayL1VE 11:00 am
xbox360iso will have nothing to do with the upload homeslice
jd2020j 11:56 am
is this L1VE from Se7enSins?

ALLthawayL1VE 1:09 pm
Yes I already said yes.
Who are you?
Are you the real JD 20 20
and if you are you need to prove it

ALLthawayL1VE 1:18 pm
ok dont talk than
you can keep quiet I guess

ALLthawayL1VE 1:20 pm
I know your a busy guy but when you IMed me I was busy with an upload
don't worry its not public yet.

ALLthawayL1VE 1:41 pm
Are you going to reply.
Yes this is ALLthawayL1VE from se7ensins.

ALLthawayL1VE 1:51 pm
Would you like me to type some thing in my status bar on my profile on Se7ensins?

jd2020j 2:03 pm
sorry I'm pretty busy
I'm not interesting in proving anything - given I know more about the people involved in all of this than I'd ever like to, I am struggling to see who your contact is, As you know, you've all been banned from the BETA so that was short lived. I heard your name pop up with the other investigations going on. Why is that?

ALLthawayL1VE 2:06 pm
I'm not involved in anything else
so how is that possible
Lets just say I have the inside info on where the upload is and where and when it's going to be released to the public
ALLthawayL1VE 2:08 pm
I did make the jtag beta possible. I leaked that. So in my eyes, we won. Because we got access to some thing we weren't supposed to get access to. Well all the Jtaggers did. I am still on the Beta.
Explain to me why you think the Beta is over for us? And how that's possible. The thing you guys dont understand is...Modders will always beat your system and get around the things you don't want us to get around. You guys tell the community mods will not happen and blazey blah so the legit players that don't want to buy the game will go buy it and you try to make them feel assured that it won't be modded.
ALLthawayL1VE 2:11 pm
We already got into the beta. The retail has already been stolen and probably going to get leaked. The prestige mods are already being worked on. Your system will get beat. I hate to say it Josh. I have no problem with you, I just think you need to stop filling peoples heads up with lies.
ALLthawayL1VE 2:23 pm
Do you have any knowldge man? All we need to do is make a new account on a new KV. It's that simple.
You banned all the current gamertags that were once on the server from jtags.
Woopdee doo

ALLthawayL1VE 2:48 pm
you shut it down
Your hillarious
You just knew their was no other way to get us off the beta after I told you we can just make a new account on a new kv
funny gu

jd2020j 2:56 pm
I know more about kv's than you know, such as how hot of a commodity they are, and how naive it was for so many of you to bring yours online like that. A lot of you lost some good KV's today, permanently. They are NOT easy to come by, in-fact, you need to spoor legitimate console ids, you cant just make any old one up you want. It takes a lot of luck and in most cases for most users, money.
Now, you have all been banned for the past day - we only just now shut it off. That means you had almost 24 hours to get back into it, but nobody did.
finally, you think you've found a way to mod lobbies. We'll see November 9th

ALLthawayL1VE 2:56 pm
LoL yea we did
I was in last night
and do you know Jester?

jd2020j 2:57 pm
did it ever occur to you, we wanted you to hack the beta? Think about it hotshot....

ALLthawayL1VE 2:57 pm
we didn't hack the beta hotshot
not to your knowledge anyways

jd2020j 2:58 pm
you dont think we have premium accounts on your site? On every site? Don't be so naive.

ALLthawayL1VE 2:58 pm
LoL...we didn't post any of that kind of stuff on the sites yet.
and why am I playing the beta right now?

jd2020j 2:58 pm
well it isnt worth talking to a straight-up liar, so.... I guess we're through here.

ALLthawayL1VE 2:59 pm
So has Jesters name been brought up at all?
Dude how am I lying?
Nothing was posted in the forums about mods in Black Ops.

jd2020j 2:59 pm
what about jester?

ALLthawayL1VE 2:59 pm
Please link me if their is some thing
Has he been brought up.
It looks like you blacked out his name in a picture.

ALLthawayL1VE 3:00 pm
And why do you think Black Ops will be secure? A lot of your sales for the game are modders. You guys want modders. Don't play dumb. The modders make you guys more money.
jd2020j 3:02 pm
No, they don't... But they dont hurt our sales either, really. What they hurt is the sustained online community, who want to play unimpeded, clean lobbies. What you find fun, more than you find annoying. That's not something we will tolerate.

ALLthawayL1VE 3:02 pm
I canhelp you in this investigation.
I have all the info.

jd2020j 3:02 pm
what info?

ALLthawayL1VE 3:02 pm
About the leak. What their doing with it.

jd2020j 3:02 pm
computer healer?

ALLthawayL1VE 3:02 pm
Everything you need to know
Is Jesters name in it at all?

ALLthawayL1VE 3:21 pm
LoL Actually I dont know s***
See you in Black Ops modded Lobbies
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Strike 1
Strike 1

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PostSubject: Re: A very lovely conversation   Tue Nov 02, 2010 8:51 pm

Lol I love that......but we will see who is right in just a few days.
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A very lovely conversation
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