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 The difference between Mini-Modding and Helping.

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PostSubject: The difference between Mini-Modding and Helping.   Mon Oct 25, 2010 5:36 am

There is a huge difference betweem Mini Modding and helping.

They are often confused by others.

Someone makes a topic in the wrong section.
Another member posts telling them nicely, that they have posted in the wrong forum.
Then they are quoted as "mini modding".

THAT is NOT mini modding.
The person quoting them telling them they are mini modding is in effect, mini modding.

Mini Modding
Mini modding is telling the moderators their job.
eg. "Close this topic". "Move this to the right forum".
Mini modding is telling another member something that is a moderators job to tell them.
"This is classified as spam". You don't realise it, but you are fueling the spam.
You are not helping anyone, you are meagrly stating an off topic point, which also makes your post spam.

I hope i cleared this up for some of you.
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The difference between Mini-Modding and Helping.
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