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 Black ops info about everything

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PostSubject: Black ops info about everything   Mon Nov 08, 2010 4:03 am

Call of Duty: Black Ops is based on the time of the Cold War and gives us a little sneak-peek in the secret missions and organisations which we usually never hear about. If I enter the term Cold War in Wikipedia it says that it was a period of weaponed peace between the communists and the Western part of the world in the second half of the 20th century. The capitalistic west-part was led by the United States of America(USA) and the communists were led by the USSR. What actually was the case is that the USA and USSR were incapable of getting along with each other because of their ideologies. The USA was capitalistic and the USSR was communistic, they both were one of the most powerful empires of the world. Even though they were at a "silent war" it never really came to shooting. What DID happen was a series of conflicts and (smaller) wars around the world. By saying that I refer to the Korean war, the Cuba Crisis and the Vietnam War. These had a great effect on both the USSR and USA's influence around the world.

A lot of locations in Call of Duty: Black Ops! refer straight to the above mentioned wars. Players accomplish missions in Vietnam, Laos and Cuba. Vietnam is quite a big part in Call of Duty: Black Ops, however, the makers of the game explicitly say that it is NOT a Vietnam Shooter. The Studies and Observation Group(SOG) which was founded in 1964 WAS a huge source of inspiration to Infinity Ward, SOG is an ultra secret American militairy organisation which fulfilled the so-called 'covert unconventional warfare operations' before and after the Vietnam war. Most of the soldiers didn't even know about the existence of the SOG.

The Singleplayer mode.
I'm going to write about 3 missions which I personally know a lot about, the first one is called Slaughterhouse. The missions takes part in South-Vietnam in the year 1968. You start your mission while you are in a helicopter while you get ready to descend to Hue City. The main goal is to conquer a headquarters from the CIA which has been taken over by an army from North-Vietnam. The city Hue was actually re-taken by the American army in 1968 in real life. So just to be short about this mission, you kind of are in hell, everyone gets blown apart and chaos overrules the city, this is also known as the Battle of Hue, which means a lot of noise and hectic battles. This is Hollywood-action converted to a First Person Shooter, this is Call of Duty on it's best!

While the normal American army is fighting the army from North-Vietnam, the player actually joins a group of special forces which try to reach the CIA headquarters while dodging flying building-parts and seas of fire. You litteraly run for your life and shoot some random Vietnam soldiers while you have to be really careful not to shoot your allies or innocent citizens. And all that when the sound of huge explosions is crushing your ears while you have to stay very focused. Apart from all of this awesome drama, there also are some calm parts of missions in Vietnam. Because in the mission Victor Charlie you must cross the North-Vietnam River silently, avoiding enemies is the key to win here, apart from assassinating some soldiers when you get the chance. When you finally get through the enemy lines you will eventually even free a village and return through the notorious Vietcong tunnels which are extremely dangerous since behind every corner can be an enemy. The Victor Charlie mission is a mix of stealth and open battles, it also is one of the longest missions in the complete game.

And the last mission I'm going to give you a sneak peek about is Payback. This mission is played in Laos, year 1968(again, suprise!). Your goal is to steal a helicopter called Mi-24 with your team. As soon as a series of enemies have been shot off the map you can fly with the helicopter yourself. When you're playing the mission you will see the name General Kravtchenko pass by, this is one of the most important enemies of the game. Eventually the helicopter crashes in the Hue river (which starts the above mentioned Victor Charlie mission). But before you get that far, you get to shoot tons of bullets and rockets from your helicopter.

Ofcourse the complete Singleplayer will have way more missions but not much is known from Call of Duty: Black Ops! so I tried to give you a good impression of what it looks like.

The Call of Duty Multiplayer series have always ben a great succes of the online section of gaming. The perks and killstreak rewards have both returned. For people who never played with these. Perks are abilities your character has if you have unlocked (and chosen) them. You can have a total of 3 perks.

Something new about the Multiplayer is Combat Training mode, players get to fight the computer's bots on three different levels, ranging from Easy to Hard ofcourse. The point of this is getting the players to experience what Online play would be like, also this mode CAN be played coöperative. The bots will act like they're made from flesh and blood. Eventually the player will make the step to playing with real people online.

Also, Call of Duty: Black Ops has something we haven't seen in any Call of Duty game before, a currency. Call of Duty: Black Ops! has a currency called Call of Duty Points(CP). With CP you can unlock weapons and items which you would normally unlock by gaining levels. You get these CP when you play rounds, just like experience. You gain CP quite fast. Another new feature is contracts, they are a lot like challenges but these must fit your playstyle. An example of a contract is "Kill 10 players in 30 seconds" or "Kill 25 players with a shotgun".

And the new feature I like myself the most is Wager matches. Players put in their hard-earned CP and if they end up in the top 3 of that round, they get their input and a big bonus back. Any place lower than 3 will simply lose their input. Wager matches have 4 different modes: Gun Game, Sharpshooter, Sticks & Stones and One In The Chamber.

New Weapons?
Yes, there are some new weapons in Call of Duty: Black Ops. I will list some of them here to give you an impression of what they would be like.

The Crossbow.
The Crossbow is one of the most interesting new weapons which are available in Singleplayer aswell as Multiplayer. It comes with camo-coulors and knows two different types of ammunation, the silent bolts and the explosive bolts. The explosive bolts stick to where they get shot at for a couple of seconds and than explode.

The Tomahawk.
The Tomahawk is a throwing axe which you can use again after picking it up out of someone's back or a tree. It is a lightweight weapon but extremely deadly.

The Ballistic Knife.
It's an automatic knife which shoots itself away by the power of a gas spring. The ballistic knife was first used by the Russians during the Cold War and was especially used by the Spetznaz special forces. The weapon can travel a distance of 6 meter with 60 kilometers per hour.

Also a very very very interesting new weapon! It's a remote controll terrain vehicle which moves very quickly through enemy lines and it can explode near enemies.

Heckler & Koch G11
This is an automatic 'burst'-weapon which never came further than the prototype and is for that reason very beloved by weapon-lovers. The weapon was far further than it's time, despite the size, because it used the 'caseless munition' technology.

This is a sniper rifle produced by the USSR. It's not unknown in the CoD series but you don't see it much either.

The only sniper rifle which is specifically made and not based on a real weapon. AW means Arctic Warfare. It originally was made in England and used in Counterstrike.

For the die-hard CoD Fans there WILL be a special collector's edition!
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PostSubject: Re: Black ops info about everything   Mon Nov 08, 2010 8:16 pm

bro they already hacked black ops hahahaha


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Black ops info about everything
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